One of the trending topic in Indonesia is about Demian, an Indonesian, performance in American Got Talent. Some feel proud of it, some loathe it, some don’t really give a damn (that’s me). One thing for sure, Demian is a magician (hey I make a rhyme).

To be able to perform at that level, that’s great for me and Indonesia in general. The magic performance? Honestly, I don’t really impressed. However, considering the obstacles he should faced (dude, this guy has to move his magic property to US), it’s incredible. But enough about Demian, let’s talk about magic.
Magic is an interesting art. Charming and mysterious. A combination that hard to resist. I believe that everybody love to watch a magic show. A moment when people choose (or maybe just don’t have any option) to believe a ‘lie’ in front of them. Privilege that many people would love to have. No wonder many people try to study magic. Find the secret and practice it. So am I when I was a little boy. Which is fail. Miserably.
I always love to know / guess / search how a trick done. While my knowledge in magic is debatable, I form my own view about magic. For me, one key element in magic is engineering. Of course there are other key elements but I fascinating in engineering most. By engineering, people applying some theories to conduct which considered impossible to do. Whether they aware of it or not. The theory might be physics, chemical, psychology, math or others. Engineering wise, it may fall in the useless category. Because I quite sure that generating electricity for house is more useful than turning lamp on by touching it. Or pop fake flowers from the point of a stick couldn’t be better than plant an actual flower in Mars. However, for the engineering sake, magic sometimes accomplish such a breakthrough.
Knowing a magic trick not eliminate the charm of magic, instead, I believe it shows the quality of the trick. Magic trick that require the performer to burn his (or her) mouth time by time of course a better trick than magic trick that relies on card that you can buy at any magic store. Cramp your body in an tight space while directing passing swords seems like a valid secret behind a trick. It also seems that a lot of people find it impossible to do. People whose belly is quite big. Like me. #sigh
At the end, just enjoy magic even when we know the secret behind it.

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